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Could be the Best of Tucson!


We deliver Sichuan spicy noodles and Chinese Street food to Tucson!

Imported spices, tradition cooking, Chinese street food style. Combined with local culture, Softer spicy with rich spices flavors. Great foods are must-try.


Everyday | 11AM - 9PM

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Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

High quality spices imported from Sichuan, China. Fresh green vegetables from local market everyday.

Lobster Ball

Chinese Street food style. Deep Fried, 4 Balls Total.


Lobster Ball, 2 sets for $3.99

Beijing Jajangmyeon

dry noodle with mixed sauce containing soy paste and minced beef. Topping wirh green onion and cucumber.


Chongqing Noodle

Soy sauce soup base with Sichuan chili oil. Topping with minced beef, green onion, fresh greens, Chili paste.


Beef Skewers

A taste of Chinese Street food. Deep Fried Beef Skewer. set of 4.


Dan Dan Noodle

dry noodle with spicy sauce containing sesame paste, ya cai, chili oil, Sichuan pepper, minced beef, and green onion over the noodles.


Good Food | Good price
Noodle for lunch will be

Lunch special!

Combo-Meal for $7.5, $8.5, $9.5

Get your choose of side and appetizers, along with the noodle you love in lunch size. Keep you full and up until your next dinner time. (*Monday - Friday Only, Holidays may excluded. Ask cashier for more details when ordering.)

Happy Customers...

Mian Sichuan
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Jim Di Pirro
Jim Di Pirro
As a friend of mine recently wrote after trying the Volcano Soup:”Wow, just wow!”
Delia Holt
Delia Holt
Expensive There is a sign right at the door when you walk in saying that for $7.50 you can get an entrée an appetizer... and a drink when I asked for this I was told you can only get this Monday through Friday the sign does not say that I felt that was a big bait and switch. And I can make my own Ramen noodles at home. My own beef broth too.read more
Evalina Pena
Evalina Pena
We weren’t expecting for such a small place and simple menu, it’s pricey.
Reyna Julissa Salaiz
Reyna Julissa Salaiz
Delicious😋 We Loved It! Definitely Going Back🙂
James T Westbrook
James T Westbrook
A friend went into Tucson, and asked if I wanted him to bring anything back for me. I've wanted to try Mian Sichuan, so... I asked him to stop and grab some of the wonderful good I've been hearing about. He stopped, but since we live over an hour away, it arrived cold, but that's ok. I decided to start eating without reheating, and OMG! The food was amazing! I got their Dan Dan noodles, fish balls, lobster balls, fish tofu, and beef skewers. It was great. The fish balls and fish tofu were some of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. That is saying a lot because I like to eat good food. Next time I'm in Tucson, I'm definitely stopping in for more. When I do, it's going to hot and fresh, and I can't wait.read more
"So perfect amount of spice. Fish balls were amazing. highly recommend…"

- Weisi J.

"Amazing foods, the portion of noodles are huge and the staff is very friendly."

- David Jiang

"Noodle taste so delicious, and spicy is perfect!!! Taste also very great!! Definitely come back!"

- Grace

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Hi There!

We are still open for Take-out and online deliver, everyday 11AM-8PM.

Customers are welcomed to call us 520-276-8886, or walk-in for Take-Out orders. Average food prepare time is 15Mins.

Our food can also be found on major online delivery apps like: GrubHub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and PostMates. Those platforms usually gives deals and coupons to new users, please read this post we wrote to save you some money.

We watch closely to Covid-19, to keep our family, customers, and business safety. We have enough sanitizer and supplies in stock, and clean our hands and the work area very frequently. Although there are no evidence to shown that foods can carry this virus, a separate table has been setup for non contact food delivery.